About Us

Ashley DequillA
co-Founder + hbic

Ashley D. is an artist, educator and activist based in Washington DC. Her narrative and abstract paintings explore themes pertaining to her spirituality, political views and Filipina-American identity, particularly in the way of de-colonization. In her free time she enjoys yoga, astrology, hip hop dance and her cat Midnight. 


Stacey Eunnae,
Feminist education & facilitator

Stacey identifies as a free spirit, womanist and an artsy activist. Stacey represents DC families in school discipline and other education matters as a Senior Staff Attorney for Advocates of Justice and Education, Inc. In her free time she enjoys yoga and travel.

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Lucia Abramovich,
education + curator

Lucia is a curator and teacher specializing in Early Latin American art. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the joint Art History and Latin American studies doctoral program at Tulane University. Lucia enjoys reading, pop culture and spending time with her dogs.



Genevieve Deleon
curriculum advisor

Genevieve is an artist and poet who is beginning a teaching fellowship in Minneapolis. The format structure of Healing the Body is based off of an experimental workshop she created and facilitated in Detroit, Michigan where she completed her MFA at Cranbook Academy in 2018. Gen is a self-described introvert who loves reading and watching movies. 

Anthony amos
Documentarian & digital media

Anthony is a freelance videographer, editor sound tech, visual DJ, entertainment activist and CEO of Skies the Limit Entertainment. In his free time he enjoys performance art and movies.


Yin Yin
PR + Marketing

A brand storyteller, digital strategist, and veteran journalist, Yin has helped many organizations, businesses, and individuals turn their visions into brand marketing successes. She currently lives and works in Washington, D.C. where she obtained her MA in communications from Georgetown. She enjoys volunteering, photographing, and chatting with little kids as they tell the best stories.


Rachel Dickerson
curriculum Advisor

Rachel Dickerson is the founder and current artistic director of New Community ArtSpace.  ArtSpace has been providing affordable classes, studio space and exhibit space since 1999 for artists of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. Rachel’s art is primarily based in printmaking and weaving but loves experimenting with a wide variety of materials for her classes. She is a reiki master, enjoys running in her native forest - Rock Creek Park, swimming and raising two kids with her husband while surrounded by fabulous artists.


Daniela Schiano di Cola
Technology Operations

Daniela is a software engineer at EducationSuperHighway who is based in Oakland, California.  In her free time she enjoys yoga, hiking, exploring locales and learning, particularly other languages. 




Ahmane' Glover
curriculum Advisor

Ahmane' Glover is a community organizer and healing artist who uses the tools of spoken word. She is the co-director of The Sanctuaries, a non profit organization dedicated towards social justice through the healing arts.